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Southwest Candle Supply

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Just inquiring if any of you have tried the designer candle holders they have-  I am guessing they are fairly new as I do not remember seeing them before

I placed an order for more wicks and after I checked out I noticed the tab - they are pretty cool looking-  8.5 ounce tumbler jar, but it appears they may be tapered more narrow towards the bottom which could be a wicking nightmare for me at any rate...


The last thing I need is a new container to test but they are pretty cool for something different-  anyone out there using them?

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I know what you mean about a new container, but I do love the fleur de li especially.  They might be straight sided, I was going to call them to see if straight and same diam as one of my current

jars because that would eliminate most of the wick testing.  They are pricey though, I currently don't even pay that much for my covered status jars...after shipping could put it out of my market.


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