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Shipping body sprays and scented oils via USPS?


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Do any of you ship these types of products through the US Mail? I normally just ship candles and I have always seen the big warning poster in the post office about NOT shipping perfumes and certain other liquids deemed hazardous. In order to ship body sprays and scented oils (for warmers) is there a process i.e., paperwork, additional payment, special type of packaging, etc., that one needs to comply with?

I just figured some of you are experts at this and can offer some guidance on what I need to ask for (labels, paperwork?) at the counter without sounding like an idiot.

Thank you

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Start here.


And here for packaging directives:


Basically, You need to know the flashpoints for every liquid being shipped.

Helps to understand the USPS definition of perfumes, too. Water based body sprays are not perfume. Scented oils are not perfumes. Generally scented oils are not purely fracrance, so the flashpoint is raised.

If in doubt, UPS is generally easier to ship with, though the conveinience will cost more.

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If your body spray is not alcohol base than it can ship First Class or Priority, certain items can be shipped but Parcel Select (Pump Hair Spray & Nail Polish). Others like real perfume cannot be shipped with the postal service and have to be labeled ORMD with FedEx Ground.

When in doubt ask your post office clerk, mine is a source of precious info.

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