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Introduction from a (sort of) newbie

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Hi all! Just wanting to introduce myself. I have been an "inactive" member of this forum since November of 2012. I have researched the entire time and just this week placed my first order for supplies to start testing and creating. I'm very excited to start this new hobby!

I am starting out with 4630 and think I may eventually want to do a blend with a bit of soy, but am not worrying about that for now. I would rather get the 4630 down the way it is before stepping out of bounds too far. I've been a candle and fragrance zealot for awhile now; home fragrance, personal fragrance, you name it! I love Diptyque, Jo Malone, Bond No. 9, and Byredo candles probably the most, so I'm no stranger to spending money on candles. Hopefully now I can start funneling my money into my own candles instead! :wink2:

Ordered most of my supplies for starting out from CandleScience (their shipping was decent for my area), including several fragrance oils, and just have to go pick up a Presto and a scale this weekend! This forum has been an overwhelming wealth of information for a beginner, and I'm sure will continue to be an integral part of the craft! It's great to see so many people sharing such a passion for their hobby/craft/business!

Looking forward to sharing with you all! :D

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Guest OldGlory

Hi JBrooks, you might be a neighbor! There's a huge learning curve before perfecting your process, so take good notes along the way. They will prove invaluable later on. Enjoy the journey!

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