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Need help or suggestions please

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Somebody please make a suggestion. I have a large jar that my daughter was going to throw away and I said I will take that knowing it was not one of my favorite fragrances but my heart sank just to know wax was going in the trash. LOL!!! I was thinking something to soften or totally give it another smell if possible. So any help would be appreciated.

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If I understand correctly, you have acquired a completed jar candle and you want to change/modify the scent?

Can you do that? Do you know the FO load that was used and how much more you can add to the wax that was used? Will it even take on more after it's been cured? I've never even considered trying something like this. It's peaked my curiosity though.

Could I take a stinky Yankme, melt it and morph it into something desirable?

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Thanks for all the replies, I ended up adding some orange clove to tame it down a bit. It will be ok for me to burn just so it doesn't get wasted. If I burn it and can't stand the smell it will go in the trash or goodwill or give it to somebody to burn. But only someone I know just to finish burning it. I remember my sister-in-law gave me a gardenia scented candle years ago I tried to burn it in the house and out on the porch and just could not tolerate it. I finally sent it to the goodwill. Someone who loves that scent got a good deal it was a large Yank**. LOL !! Thanks chandlers for the help.

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