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Testing firestarters

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I tested mine on a couple bricks in the street. I absolutely didn't want wax running all over the fireplace, so I kept testing them until I got a 20-minute burn with only a few drops of residual wax drippings. I guess it just depends on what you're looking for in a product.

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Put one in a parking lot, call your friends, light it, time it. Measure the height. Make sure you don't set the asphalt on fire.

I look for 10 minutes or so and I look for a 6 inch flame that is about an inch in diameter.

I then look to see if it was entirely consumed or if there was wax left over. If in a fireplace, leftover wax is not good. Most consume themselves entirely. If there is residue, can you discard it easily (like cleaning a fireplace)? If so, fine.

If not, then they are outdoor campfire only.

I load a dixi cup with hamster wood. I pack it well then just pour some wax to where it shows in the top with the wood. A woody top is fine.

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