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Wellington Incense Sticks


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Has anybody here ever tried Wellington's unscented incense sticks? I have been wondering about the quality. I ordered 10,000 from Madina about 1-1/2 years ago and they were pretty bad. I have to pick through them to get rid of the too skinny and too fat ones and usually threw away about 1/4 of them. A lot of them are warped too. They are really cheap but I guess you get what you pay for.

I am almost out of those and need to order more and looking elsewhere. I do not have time to pick through a bunch of bad ones.

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I second SOS, they have very nice unscented sticks at a good price.

I was looking at their website earlier. I will have to do a little more looking I guess. So far no votes for Wellington.

I have used BCN's in the past but I was looking for something a little more cost effective. If that is the right term! LOL

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Just a note save your money and don't buy them from save on scents to many bad ones and the bundles are short most only have 85 sticks in them. :cry2:

I'll second this post. I ordered a 1000 an not one bunch had more than 90 in them, plus the bad ones you are shorted a lot.

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