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Buying tin containers in bulk


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I am new to candle making and am starting to research where I can purchase tin containers from. I haven't been able to find square tin containers without the window lid in the US and am currently in talks with a manufacturer in china who is willing to negotiate on the amount I need. I had told this person 300 to start. Does this seem like a good amount to start off? Is it too little, too much, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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The freight takes about 20-30 days. I was thinking of going to 1000 at once, but didn't know if this would be too much starting off. I do plan to get a website set up. A lot of manufacturers are willing to negotiate on the amount, you just have to ask. That minimum shipping quantity is what they desire, but if you ask, many are willing to negotiate.

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When we started (we being my sister and I) bought 1000 jars. Better price and then you have them. Just be sure that tins is what you want to do. Some people love them and other people hate them. My customers like to see the flame and in a tin, it is not as visible. If you can find a china seller that will see just 1000 I would try it. But I agree it is usually 10,000 min.

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