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Improving candles question

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Ok...so we are a small candle company. Our candles are pretty solid but definitely lack that "Yankee Candle" quality as far as room saturation. They do ok....just not like that. Anyways, we have a possible investor to help us develop a candle that we will attempt to gain a professional license to sell under the NASCAR logo.

Does anyone here produce on a large scale and if so, what equipment/machinery do you recommend? Also, what companies would you recommend to develop a new scent? (I have researched a few...but was hoping someone had a direct line into this). Any info or ideas on approaching this rather large undertaking would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

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Guest OldGlory

Well, I have a friend who works for a huge candle making company and I have toured their facility. (Not Yankme, btw..) They have several large melters, hoses, and funnels. They leave the jars in the box, on a conveyor belt, pull the hose over to the next box, and fill it with a funnel. They use 100% paraffin in their jars. They do huge runs of one color, one scent at a time.

10 years ago I was being considered for wholesale for a company that has 1000+ stores. I found a facility, employees, a lender, used melters, etc, and then they decided NOT to use me at the last minute. I was glad I'd done my homework but hadn't jumped the gun to start buying stuff.

Can't help you with who to develop scents for you - I do this myself. You can always use common fragrance oils, tweak them a bit, and rename them.

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Agree with Sliver... if you haven't gotten "your" system down to where it does better than yankme then you are jumping the gun. I mean, congrats on investor.. sounds like just what you need. In mho paraffin does produce a better throw... but then if you do your research, even just on this board, there are many opinions on the matter. The real trick is perfecting an entire system that works... like stated - no magic formula - you have to develop yours.

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Well, I lost my reply. Guess I took to long to post and the website ditched it.

Yankme is popular because they spend millions in advertising. They have formulas that can be made in mass production in specific containers with specific wicks that have been well tested.

So many on this board can do well better in scent throw than Yankme. But to do it consistently on an automated production is another story.

We get down to the nitty gritty. 70/30 paraffin/soy means nothing to us. There are a couple dozen paraffins on the market, a dozen soys, 800 wicks, a hundred or more containers that we all use, thousands of FO's/EO's, and the variation of dyes and oh my, additives.

So if you want hard core feedback on your build, share with us what you are using.

I have to say that when I first joined I was asked to give the formula. I thought ill of that and reacted badly. After all, it was my formula. I later learned that nobody wants to steal my formula, they just want to help the best they can. Not saying you are safe, just that the best advice comes from the chandler who understands what you are building.

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Candles on testosterone....and you say they lack the throw comparable to yank?

How very exciting for you and this opportunity but IMO I would get a solid formula down that DOES blow away yank or you more than likely will not get the repeat customers and the investment will not pay off for you

So many people buy Yankee candles regardless that they do not burn good at all- produce crap loads of soot and IMO they don't throw better than mine an I use all soy- and a smaller jar

Throw is going to be one of the most important qualities in your candle aside from safety in correct wicking- there are so many experienced chandlers on this board that can help but like a few mentioned above more information will be needed

I do wish you the best- that is a very exciting opportunity

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