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cotton core wicks

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CandleWic has a selection in their pre-tabbed wicks of votive cotton core wicks.

Their wick page is a bit kerjumbled. If you scroll down, and down you will see the "Standard Votive Wick Assembly" They have a variety of two and three numbered cotton core wicks in the pre-cut 3" votive size. Just read carefully because it's easy to confuse the zinc core, the paper core and the cotton core since they all use numbers. The wick page is a list, just a list, in no specific order and so you have to read each length of wick, size of wick etc. Once you catch on it's okay, just irritating.

I have been pleased with all the wicks from candlewic. Once you get a type, number and size down you can order from their custom wicks and they will make them to your exact specifications. In the late winter/early spring they usually put their customs wicks on sale for 50% off. It's a great time to take inventory and order that years wicks.

If you order from them you can try the votive wicks ECO-2 and ECO-1. I have had great success with these two in my paraffin and parasoy votives.


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