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NG Vanilla Bean. Question if you use this, please.


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My first (little) bottle of this FO was light to medium colored and mixed nicely into my wax. I ordered a larger bottle and the oil is VERY dark. Harder to mix in and I am uncomfortable with the melts that I made with it as the bottoms of the melts look a bit darker than I prefer. With my naked melts (no dye/color) I can always see if I had any mixing issues. I tested one and it did not leave a residue in the dish but still a different experience than the test batches I made with a smaller bottle.

Is your NG Vanilla Bean FO nearly maple syrup colored when you pour it from the bottle?

Appreciate hearing form you if you use this.


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I use NG's Vanilla bean and haven't noticed it being dark but it's been awhile since I poured it. I have noticed several oils will have a dark residue in the bottom of my glass cup that I pour with, even when I know the temp is plenty hot for it to mix with the wax. Not sure why that happens. Heavy I guess?

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I just checked mine because I didn't remember what color it is. Mine is probably more of a honey color.

You made me open mine and that stuff smells so so good. Now I want to make something with Vanilla Bean. lol.

I have had a couple of my fragrances go a little darker but they haven't affected my melts in any way.

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Thanks, girls!

My bottle is brand new. It is super dark and kind of a pinkish-orange. My melts look a lighter version of that color. I may remake that batch today or tomorrow and use even less FO than I did with this last batch (which was already less than what I typically use). If I cannot use this I will be okay becasue it smells SO much like Mrs. Claus Cookies to me and that blends in perfectly in my wax blend.

Thanks again!

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