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Ginger suggestion?


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Are any of these a pure strong pungent ginger, like the ginger root for cooking? We are re-starting our business from several years ago and our signature fragrance which was a really big seller, requires the addition of a strong ginger that will come through the other fragrances included in the mix. We also need it to come from a supplier where we can continually get in large amounts.



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Don't know if you are going to find a true pure strong ginger. Have you seen the prices for ginger EO? When the price for an EO goes up the scent typically disappears in FOs... or you have to make due with a blend.

I got the Ginger Passion from Peaks because its the strongest straight ginger I could find for soaping. OOB is smells a bit fruity and light but still very nice and gingery. However, I also make ginger water for my soap out of fresh ginger and add that with the FO so the scent will pop.

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