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**new candle supplier in georgia**

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I recieved a postcard in the mail yesterday from a candle supplier I had never heard of before. They are called http://www.theflamingcandle.com/

Have any of you ever heard of them or used their products? They sell my wax and I am close by so I could pick it up and save on shipping.

Question- if I use for example I use one brand of soy wax and another company carries that same wax, would I have to completely start all over with testing or no?

PS- I understand that one must constantly test their product to keep it high quality. But in general isn't it the same wax because it's all purchased from a main wax distributer?

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I've used them from their eBay store. No problems, fast shipping and the wax seems to me to be the same as I've purchased from Peak or any other supplier in the IGI/GB line.

What I did notice is their Eco wicks burn a little different than those from CW. I think that might be common with wick prime, etc. being different from supplier to supplier and why I have to get more wicks ordered from CW.

I didn't try any FOs.


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I live in Georgia as well and was very excited to see a distributor within driving distance, but they don't carry my wax yet. Hopefully they will add it to their products. Don't need another FO supplier at this time.

To answer your question though, the wax should be the same generally speaking although wax varies from lot to lot by the same manufacturer.

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