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Fragrance load when doing 50/50 wax?

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You know, there are some fos that tell you to only use a certain lower percentage because they are highly concentrated. There are those of us who feel like an fo ought to do its intended job with a 6 or 7% load and those who feel like 9 or 10% is acceptable. Some fos would probably seep at that level and some might incorporate with no problem. I would suggest testing at 6% and work your way up if it's needed. I'm not a chemist, so I couldn't tell you that dilution of one wax by another will result in an improvement on the one and reduction on the other. If you use high quality fos that are formulated for a particular effect (light floral, bakery, spa) at the recommended percentage; well that's half the battle won IMHO. There are wax blends that are very unforgiving with excessive fo percentages (6006) and perform best under optimal conditions. HTH


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