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going to try my first bastile


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I've been making soap for so long, but have never made a high OO soap. I did alot of reading and know it has to cure forever. This is what I plugged into soap calc and the results. Is this OK?

Oh, goodness...the chart is messed up LOL

33% lye solution

water 8.81 oz

lye 4.3 oz

OO...23.04 oz

lard 2.56 oz

CO 4.8 oz

castor 1.6 oz


29 - 54



12 - 22



44 - 69



14 - 46



16 - 48



41 - 70



136 - 165


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It looks good. 10% superfat? You could go 40% solution to make it harden up quicker also. I do not use CO in bastile, I use babassu, PKO or palm. It makes it a little milder. I use mine after about 4 months with no slimy feel to it. High OO soaps get hard so make sure you watch it for cutting other wise it will shatter and be hard to cut.

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I use coconut oil and coconut milk in my coconut castile soaps. Anyway-- have not had any problems with CO in my bastile soaps. But they are much nicer to use after 3-4 months cure.

BTW-- after reading about Babassu oil I am dying to try it.

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I do not use coconut oil in my bastile soap because I have a few customers allergic to it. You will love the babassu it add so much, nice lather, conditioning and not as drying to the skin as coconut. I love adding it to whipped shea butter, I add it to lip balms also. It has a low melting point so it absorbed

quickly and is not heavy and as oily as some oils.

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