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Thinking about ditchin' the mason jars

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Pint mason jars are a trend right now, they even use them as drinking glasses at parties and wedding receptions. I think people like to reuse the mason jar and lid after the candle is used up. I like being able to buy masons at my local grocery store, where the manager said he'll order them for me during the winter too.

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I think it depends what venue you are desiring to use. Flea markets or prim looks are best bets for Masons or antique Masons; whereas if you are looking to go into gift shops, beauty salons or local stores then you need to look at a tumbler or a pretty jar that is inexpensive. Right now, I might as well not be in business due to the depressed economy. I'm selling melts and a few candles and little else these days. People are having a difficult time in rural areas and handmade items are a luxury, unless you sell Christmas items at a lower price. I buy my jars and lids at bulk (free shipping) and try to buy raw materials in bulk or during sales that offer breaks on shipping. I look at this as a time to reevaluate the business and wait it out until things improve but in the meantime get my products stable and settle on where the money will most likely be available. I detest shows and wished that I had nothing but wholesale accounts but that would be too easy. HTH


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