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Wicking question.

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I have a mason jar I am using. I am using CB soy wax. The jar is 3" wide. I had CD16 wick in it and it was horrible. The candle burned too fast, the flame was high, the wick smoked. Someone suggested to go down to a CD10 or CD12. That seems small though. Am I wrong?

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I agree with the CD10 or CD12. I use a CD10 in my jars and they are 3" wide. When I was testing all the time I would always start out low. If that didn't work I would go high, then alternate back down to the next lowest up. For example I started out with a CD8, (too small) so i would go up to CD16 (too big) the next I would test was a CD10... and so on. Not sure why I did it that way. I would agree with a CD10 or CD12. Good Luck.

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