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  1. Do yall know which oils were reformulated? I started buying from Keystone. The first time I ordered their Peak Pink Sugar it was strong, but the second time it's much weaker Peaks Birthday cake was also a favorite of mine.. but my most recent Peak Birthday cake order from Keystone seems different. Am I imagining this? Lol
  2. Fluffyglitter

    Testing methodology

    Paper cups work great for me. Any wax lined ones including the 10 for $1 colored party cups have worked fine. I haven't had any leaks and the wax doesn't cool fast
  3. Fluffyglitter

    Shaving Cream scent in wax?

    Black tie from NG smells exactly like Gillette/ men's gel shaving cream to me. I'm not sure if this is the smell people talk about, but I do know I've heard there are 2 diff scents (barbershop vs shaving cream). I haven't smelled another vendor's shaving cream, only barbershop.
  4. Fluffyglitter

    Did Three Orders Last Night

    I too used to order from them on Etsy. When they closed their shop, they put an update that they were moving to their own site (indigofragrance). So, it's the same people unless they've sold the company since then I just ordered oils from them again recently and have had good luck so far in my testing
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    Awesome, Ill have to try your blend in wax. I'm in love with the bbw body wash . Thanks for sharing!
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    I've been searching for this as well
  7. Fluffyglitter

    Peak Replacement testing results

    Birthday cake , anyone? I smelled FB's next to Peaks and they're not the same at all to me (my FB one is from 1.5 yrs ago though, so I dont know if it changed.)