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  • Layered GlassGlow Container


    Layered GlassGlow Container Instructions

    By jakalex

    Pic 1


    For these instructions I am using a 16oz Apothecary jar. I have taken 16oz and divided it by 3 for equal layers.

    Example: 16/3= 5.33..rounded to 5.35oz of wax for each layer

    The pictures are of a different container but show the layering process.

    You can use whatever container you want just decide how much wax the container will hold and the # of layers you want and divide layers into wax amount to get your weight for each layer.

    GlassGlow Palm Wax(16oz)

    Glass Container (16oz Apothecary)

    Wicks CD or CSN (Suggested wick size: 2-CSN 7 or 9’s or 2-CD 8 or 10’s)

    Wick stickums (glue dots will not work)

    Dye (Optional)


    1: Heat container(s) in oven @ 125 degrees

    2: Melt wax in presto pot to 200 degrees

    3: Remove from heat weigh out 5.35oz of wax and add color & fragrance (5-6%)

    4: Remove container(s) from oven and place wick(s) (I use the shell of a ballpoint pen to press wicks in the hot jars)

    5: Secure wicks with wick bar

    6: Pour wax into container for 1st layer

    Pic 2

    7: Let layer cool completely

    Pic 3

    8: For the next layer repeat steps: 2, 3 then….

    9: Pour second layer on top of first layer

    Pic 4

    10: Take heat gun and heat around the 2nd layer on the outside of container. Turn container while applying heat to distribute the heat evenly. I try to apply most of the heat to the upper part of the layer to prevent colors bleeding between layers.

    Heat until the wax has released from the sides of the container.

    Pic 5

    Pic 6

    Pic 7

    Let layer cool completely before pouring the 3rd and last layer.

    Pic 8

    11: For your third & final layer repeat steps 7-10.

    Pic 9

    Pic 10

    Pic 11

    Pic 12

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