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  • What recipe can I use with grocery store oils?

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    Q. What recipe can I use with easy-to-find grocery store oils?

    A. Kathy Millers site has a bunch of good starting recipes.

    Castile type - lots of olive oil http://millersoap.com/castile.html

    Vegetable oils - http://millersoap.com/soapallveg.html

    Lard/Tallow - http://millersoap.com/soapanimal.html

    One suggestion - these are large recipes. Put them into the MMS lye calculator at http://the-sage.com/calcs/lyecalc2.php and on the second page bottom resize them to 36 or 48 oz recipes.

    2 simple recipes:

    90% olive

    10% castor (at the pharmacy)


    75% soy shortening

    25% coconut

    Run these through a calculator to determine water and lye amounts.

    Recipe below contributed by


    One of my favorites using all locally purchased oils from Walmart.

    This is my soap recipe for those summer blemish breakouts and it also helps acne:

    45% olive oil

    25% coconut oil

    25% lard

    5% castor oil (in the pharmacy section)

    Another Walmart oils recipe I use for an ultra creamy soap. Add coconut milk or goat milk as your liquid from extra creaminess:

    40% olive oil

    30% GV shortening (use the one made with animal fats made from tallow & palm oil)

    25% coconut oil

    5% castor oil

    5% sweet almond oil

    My favorite bastile soap:

    75% olive oil (infuse the oil with calendula petals a few days before you soap it for a milder soap - the calendula may be left in or strained out as you prefer using a simple strainer)

    15% coconut oil

    5% castor oil

    5% sweet almond oil

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