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    Q: Why do you pour your tester container candles wickless?

    A. When testing, it is best to pour wickless. When the candle cools completely, take a skewer or knitting needle and poke a hole down the middle where the wick will go. Take the wick that you want to test, pop it out of its tab, and stick it down in the hole. Go back with a heat gun and zap the hole to fill it in. If you begin testing the wick and don't like the way it is burning, simply pop the wick out and put another one in.

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    Yes, this works great and is such a time saver plus a supplies saver too. One thing I want to point out, and unfortunately I had made this mistake, you must make sure you insert the tabless wick in the upright position or the correct position or you risk getting weird wick test results. Reason being, some wicks are directional and some wicks are not. If a wick is directional then it was designed for the wax to travel in only one direction so don't accidentally insert the tabless wick upside down. I just always assume a wick is directional and insert it right end up so I don't have any issues. I skip the step of using the heat gun, once I light the wick the melted wax rapidly fills in what little gap there was. 

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