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    Soap & Candlemaking, crocheting, knitting (some), reading a good book. Animals, no preference---love them all. Also, Teddy Bear making.


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  1. 7 Pawz

    Light a candle for Vicky

    I apologize for this late posting, I am stunned to learn that VIcky has passed. She was very helpful and a kind presence. My condolences to her loved ones and may God's light always be with her.
  2. 7 Pawz

    We have a new Mod

    She'll do a great job
  3. 7 Pawz

    This my work

    Love it, so cute!
  4. 7 Pawz

    Marbling Pillar technique

    beautiful candle. going to try this, your instructions seem be easy to follow. thanks for sharing
  5. 7 Pawz

    Wow it's been awhile! Hello again!

    I remember you to, welcome back. tell us more about your writing
  6. 7 Pawz

    Back Again :)

    Thank you, all
  7. 7 Pawz

    Wave candles by Scented

    Just gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing
  8. 7 Pawz

    Back Again :)

    Hello all: I've been out of touch for awhile, thought i'd come and look around again I know that the site has been revamped, but was surprised to notice a lot of older members haven't posted as much. Guess life kind of gets in the way, business changes and interests change, but this is still a good place to visit and gain a little knowledge. I am a hobbyist candle and soap maker, almost 10 yrs now, don't do either one as much as II'd like to, but still enjoy it. Wondered if we lost any of our members due to special circumstances, I haven't posted in quite sometime, but my knowledge was limited at best. Have a great day.