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  1. Try StickerYou.com. You can get any size you want, and low quantity minimums which is always a good thing! I've never printed them myself - always worried about the ink smearing!
  2. Wicking Coconut Wax

    I've been following this thread with great interest, since I'm interested in moving to a soy-coconut wax blend candle myself. I am about to start testing the coconut container blend wax from Candles & Supplies. I was told by C&S that although the coconut to soy ratio in that blend is proprietary, they suspected that it was more coconut than soy. I am going to blend this with 464 at different ratios to test. I'm very curious about wet spots, as well as frosting issues - both of which I have severely with 464, especially as the candle ages (and by "ages", I mean only after a couple of months!) I sell my candles mostly via wholesale, and these are the two top complaints I get from my accounts...and one reason I'm experimenting with a coconut wax blend.
  3. Looking for Peak replacements

    Thank you! This is a big help. Who is AGE? Couldn't find them on the supplier abbreviation list.
  4. Looking for Peak replacements

    I see a FO on Candlewic's site called Holiday Sparkle with the following description: Cedar and Fir Needle create a base for spicy cinnamon and clove, with light sparkling orange and lemon top notes. Not sure if it's the same, but some similar notes. Peak's sounded fabulous, though!
  5. Best Smelling Candle, Wax Tart's Etc

    @jbradshaw You got me hooked on Tuscan Nights from Peaks...I just love it! Now that Peaks has closed, do you have any idea who might have a similar scent?
  6. That's great, glad to hear that frosting isn't an issue for you. I don't dye my candles either, and still deal with frosting after a month or so with certain scents. Frustrating!
  7. I use 464 soy wax, and the one consistent issue I seem to have with my candles as they age is frosting on the tops. I keep them stored in boxes with the lids on, but the frosting happens nonetheless. Otherwise, TallTayl is right...that bit of aging does seem to make the scents stronger.
  8. oooh....somehow I missed the Peach, Grapefruit, and Thyme...going there now to snag that one!
  9. I completely agree. And I had to eye roll a bit at the use of the word "skimping". ha!
  10. I was doing a little bit of competitive research and noticed this on a fellow maker's website: "Most candle companies cut costs by skimping on the amount of fragrance oil they pour into each candle...we pour our candles with a high Fragrance Load. Fragrance Load refers to the percentage of fragrance oil to wax. We don't disclose the exact percentage we pour for each scent as the exact formula varies depending upon the scent... plus it's also one of our trade secrets but we can say that it's between 12% and 15%." Wowza! They say that they are using a "using a proprietary blend of soy wax". I use GB 464, and I know that when I've gotten close to even a 9-10% FO load in any testing that I've done, I've ended up with seeping oil and too much smoke when burning. I've had great results with my 6-7% FO load so I'm not looking to increase it, but I'm so curious about seeing someone make a claim like this. I'd love to know if this seems legit? Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Tops not somooth on soy candles

    TallTayl, I recently started stirring the wax in my pouring pot periodically as it cooled, and I agree - it definitely makes a difference in how the tops set!
  12. Tops not somooth on soy candles

    Hi Jackie, I use GB 464 wax exclusively and I almost always have to do a second pour. Over time, I have learned that certain oils like to be poured at a cooler temp and certain oils look better when poured at a higher temp. Some oils are finicky no matter what and will always require a second pour. I agree, the extra work can be frustrating!
  13. My 2017 Spring Outdoor Display

    Looks fabulous, and your product photos are amazing!
  14. warning labels

    I use these too, and just ordered a big batch since Peaks just sent out a coupon code for 25% off UPS shipping: APRILUPS17, expires 4/15/17.
  15. Golden Wax 464

    Thanks Goldie! The sides of the 3 boxes I have left say Lot F, 12/20/16. I purchased them from Jedwards (http://www.bulknaturaloils.com/) I look forward to hearing what they say!