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  1. Still In Search Of A Good Bayberry

    I've used Bayberry Black Forest from RE and really like it...it's more woodsy than just berry, which is what I was looking for. I do see they also have a Bayberry which they describe as a "traditional Christmas bayberry."
  2. I know! I'm still shaking my head!
  3. HGTV has posted this absolutely cringeworthy "tutorial" on their Facebook page. Thankfully, there are some pretty vocal comments alerting them that following this tutorial will result in a candle that will be dangerous to burn, so hopefully they'll take it down.
  4. IGI 6570?

    I just got another email back from Aztec re: my question on their new coconut wax: "I’m so sorry, but I was just told I misread the information on the wax and it does contain paraffin. Sorry for the incorrect information. Travis Forrester" Sounds like they're finally getting the story straight after probably getting lots of inquiries for more info...
  5. IGI 6570?

    Yikes...that has a big impact on those of us with small businesses! I'm going to have to do some serious number crunching for 2018.
  6. IGI 6570?

    Very interesting...I'm thinking about ordering a box of the IGI from Aztec and trying it out. Also, I just realized that the cost listed on Aztec's website is actually for 25 pounds (not 50 pounds like I had assumed), which makes it comparable to the other coconut waxes I was looking at...so scratch what I was saying about it being more affordable!
  7. IGI 6570?

    So I just got this reply from Travis at Aztec - my question to him was whether or not the blend contained any paraffin: "No it is a vegetable and coconut oil based wax."
  8. IGI 6570?

    I'm skeptical, too, and noticed that they didn't reply to a comment on their post asking whether or not there was any paraffin in the blend. I just emailed them and will report back if/when they answer... The price point is comparable to what I'm paying for my 464 wax, so I am intrigued because the coconut wax options I've been looking at are all almost double that...but the fact that it's more inexpensive also leads me to question what it's blended with. Hopefully they'll provide some more info soon!
  9. Fire Starters

    I'm thinking the same thing...I have a market the first Friday in December and think these would make perfect gifts/stocking stuffers. I haven't heard about adding salt, but that sounds interesting!
  10. Try StickerYou.com. You can get any size you want, and low quantity minimums which is always a good thing! I've never printed them myself - always worried about the ink smearing!
  11. Wicking Coconut Wax

    I've been following this thread with great interest, since I'm interested in moving to a soy-coconut wax blend candle myself. I am about to start testing the coconut container blend wax from Candles & Supplies. I was told by C&S that although the coconut to soy ratio in that blend is proprietary, they suspected that it was more coconut than soy. I am going to blend this with 464 at different ratios to test. I'm very curious about wet spots, as well as frosting issues - both of which I have severely with 464, especially as the candle ages (and by "ages", I mean only after a couple of months!) I sell my candles mostly via wholesale, and these are the two top complaints I get from my accounts...and one reason I'm experimenting with a coconut wax blend.
  12. Looking for Peak replacements

    Thank you! This is a big help. Who is AGE? Couldn't find them on the supplier abbreviation list.
  13. Looking for Peak replacements

    I see a FO on Candlewic's site called Holiday Sparkle with the following description: Cedar and Fir Needle create a base for spicy cinnamon and clove, with light sparkling orange and lemon top notes. Not sure if it's the same, but some similar notes. Peak's sounded fabulous, though!
  14. Best Smelling Candle, Wax Tart's Etc

    @jbradshaw You got me hooked on Tuscan Nights from Peaks...I just love it! Now that Peaks has closed, do you have any idea who might have a similar scent?
  15. That's great, glad to hear that frosting isn't an issue for you. I don't dye my candles either, and still deal with frosting after a month or so with certain scents. Frustrating!