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question about skin care vrs candle FO's


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This should be pretty cut and dry..But I'm a little confused..Most suppliers have pretty clear catagories..However, I'm trying to place an order at peaks and no matter which catagroy I click on (candle, bath n body or alphabetically) when you click on a specific FO they all say > Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products. I'm assuming I'll be safe just clicking on the appropriate catagory no matter what the info says?

Also, I am interested in trying my hand at some wickless products as well as at some skin care. I know that you have to use skin safe FO's in skin care products... But can you use skin safe FO's in candles? Will you still achieve the same good CT-HT? Or are they totally different and I'll have to bite the bullet and purchase two seperate lines of FO's?..Any help much appreciated.

By the way I just glanced up and seen "wax drip" under my name and thought huh??..Then busted out laughing!..I can not wait to grow up and become a Hot Puddle..too funny

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As long as they are FOs made for candles you can use them in your candlemaking. Being skin safe just means that you can also use it in soap and body products as well. Many of my FOs have to double as both for candles and soap as I make both.

Suppliers like Peaks are very good at listing all categories for each FO so you don't have to worry which ones to use for your application. I can say that almost every FO I used for candles from Peaks worked for me.

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Thank you ks, candybee..

I was really hoping to be able to use my skin care FO's in my candle stuff but, didn't want to sacrifice any throw... So that's awesome news...The bad news is that I had previously purchased FO's from Natures Garden and candlepro and I have no idea which catagory I got them out of and they don't say either on the bottles or reciepts lol

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