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Crystalizing soy wax


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I was traveling this week and stopped at a great health food store. I noticed a rack of candles with a large sign that said "Soy Candles" There were pillars and containers on the rack. Of course I had to go take a look at my competition. I was very suprised to see that both the containers and pillars looked like palm wax not soy. It was all feathery and crystalized. I thought how strange it is for them to be calling this soy wax and it looked like palm.

Now I have done a search on the internet and have found other candle makers saying they have crystalizing soy wax. I haven't heard of this before, does anyone know how the soy crystalizes? Why wouldn't people just use palm wax? Is the crystal soy easier to wick?

The wicks in the candles at the health food store were huge. I was tempted to buy one to see how it burned, but didn't.

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I had a thread about this not too long ago:


There are some other more in-depth threads, if you do a search. Here are some threads from the old board which I found very enlightening:

Soy candle NOT a soy candle?

Any other wax besides Palm Wax for Crystal effect?

Oh No! Another Competitor/How Did They Do...

Test Results Finally In

From what I've read, so-called "crystal soy" does NOT exist.

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Wow, I guess this issue has been discussed before, sorry. I had a feeling this was palm wax. I just think it is unethical to sell a product that claims to be 100% soy and it obviously isn't. As other people have pointed out before, putting color and scent in a candle disqualifies them from being 100% anything. And even more unethical is someone claiming they are using one type of wax then actually using another. What is the big deal about saying vegetable wax instead of soy?

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Jeana, no need to be sorry...it's just that every time I see "crystal soy" it burns me up! :mad: I also think it's completely unethical to ride on the popularity of soy wax when you are using a different veggie oil. The only conclusions I can come up with are:

1. The chandlers have no idea what's really in the wax they're using.


2. They think mis-labeling will lead to better sales since soy wax is so popular.

I haven't decided which one of these is worse!

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