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Strawberry for soy and B&B?


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Don't you just hate it when you find a scent you like, spend time testing, customers like it, then the company discountinues it? I understand that they have to discountinue when there aren't enough sales but I hate having to start testing all over again.

I am looking for a strawberry or a strawberry cheesecake that is strong in soy and can be used for B&B products. I don't want a strawberry musk, stawberry kiwi or perfume like strawberrry. Any suggestions?

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I like the Strawberry Patch from Keystone Candle Supply. Have used this one for a couple of years and it is a true strawberry.

As for Strawberry Cheesecake....Alabaster has a strong one that I have used in a soy blend.

Hope this helps a little, I have also heard that the Scented Bean has a good strawberry shortcake. Strawberry is one of my least favorites, but my customers love both of the ones mentioned above. I use the Keystone St. Patch in my gel pies and they smell like crazy.

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