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BCN order - opinions?


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I ordered the following scents from Bittercreek North. Anyone use any of these, and if so, how are they? I will be using them in paraffin tarts. Thanks,

Maple Pecan

Maple Butter

Pecan Praline

Autumn Leaves (BNL)

Turkish Hazelnut Cafe

Brown Sugar

Maple Honey Bread

Candied Sugar Plum

Ginger Appletini

Pumpkin Pie

Spiced Pear

Warm Apple Pie (BNL)

Amber Musk

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I second the Autumn Leaves... unreal !

Turkish Hazelnut Cafe....... YUMMY !!!!

Pecan Praline........... I love it just in my wax I need to bump it up a notch

Maple Pecan.......... Actually, funny you asked... it's burning in my warmer right now... Good stuff! I also want to bump this up a tad but.. you have to understand, I want powerhouse bombers so it will probably be more than find at 1:1 for everyone else. ( same thing with Pecan Praline)

Pumpkin Pie.......... This one to me is a cross between pumpkin... and sweet potato pie... I could eat this stuff up I love it so much

Spiced Pear........ definitely got to get more of this . I only had a sample and I've actually hoarded my melts I made with it and wont sell them LOL til I get more of it !

Brown Sugar .... what I liked about this, is to me, its a true you just opened a bag of brown sugar smell


o and btw, I use it in para for melts also.

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Blacktie, I am with you. I want tarts strong enough to singe some nose hairs. I rarely use 1:1. Typically I use around 10% FO load. I know many people believe that is a waste of FO, but that is just my preference. I am looking forward to getting this order and testing these out.

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Turkish Hazelnut & Ginger Appletini are both strong and YUMMY!! They were closeout scents that everyone begged enough that they were brought back for the regular line. I know those 2 our among my "favorites" so as soon as they were out of stock whatever I had left was moved to my stash for personal use only and I was VERY sad when I finally ran out. Ironically I was on my last candle or bar of soap on both scents when Rich brought them back. "Happy Girl!!"Even though I am winding things down with my business I had to buy some for my personal stash anyway...shh hubby doesn't know LOL

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