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Do you use your regular recipe when making them, or do you have a specific embed recipe?

Today I tried to make "these" with a predominantly palm kernel oil recipe, and it did NOT work well... at all! It cracked and I had headless, legless, and armless gingerbread people. It wasn't pretty. I thought about using them anyway and calling it Gingerbread Massacre, but that would be kinda inappropriate don't you think. :laugh2:

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I use my regular tried and true recipe. Those poor gingerbread men..lol

PKO is very brittle..

I figured that out! I guess it's all trial and error. This one was definitely an error. I think it's just the gingerbread people. They hate me. I've tried this like 4 times and it never freaking works out with them. Grrrrr!

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I use m&p for stuff like that and use cookie cutters (small ones) to make cp embeds. I take a bar of soap when its young and slice it and dice it with the cookie cutters. It works out great for soaps that aren't great movers and need to be used for something worthwhile. HTH


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