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Need Opinions On Soap Recipe


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I made a CP soap recently and unmolded it after 2 days. While cutting it I noticed that it was really soft and was like cutting fudge. Do you think it will harden up after a while? Here's my recipe:

12 oz Olive Oil

12 oz Coconut Oil

19 oz Lard

6 oz Lye

16 oz water

I found it while searching the net for CP recipes. It looks wonderful it's just so soft! I ran it through a lye calculator but wonder if I should have cut back the water a bit. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Sue I ran this through the lye calculator and with the size of the recipe , oils used at a 5 % superfat you should have used 6.81 ozs of lye. I always run my recipes through the lye calulator you can use the one at www.the-sage.com or this one www.soapcalc.com I like to use the second one because it gives you an idea of what kind of bar you are making, it is in percents however, you can run it through the first one if you want to calulate in ozs and it will give you the percents and then run them through the second one to see your soaps qualities. A posted or written recipe on any website is not always correct so I always check them if it is something I want to use. HTH cindy

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I use Soapmaker and ran it through...with a 5% discount it says to use 6.18 oz. of lye and 15.17 oz. of water (no water discount).

I think Cindy's may be a typo...I ran it through soapcalc too and it also lists 6.18 oz of lye. (not 6.81 as listed):smiley2:

Sue, you may be just a tad high on the water amount, but it certainly should harden up nicely after a bit of cure time.

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