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Candles changing colors

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I just started making soy candles, jars and molds. I made a jar candle without any color in it. A few days later I decided to burn it. The puddle of wax where the wick was, was turning red. And it's only red right in the puddle.

Does anyone know why?


Hi Liz,

Some fragrance oils will discolor wax once it has been burned. It happens more so with soys -- I notice anyway. What fragrance did you use? It happens a lot with vanillas in my soy. Once my meltpool solidifies it turns to a pinky color. You may find that more will discolor in your wax if you do not use color. I usually have the problem with the fragrances that I either keep white, cream or light tan. Some other oils may do it, but I do not notice it because the color used is dark.

I hope that helped a bit. However, I do not have a solution to fix the problem other than to color accordingly -- so it won't show the discoloration. Or, try another fragrance oil of the same scent if you do not want to color your candles. It must be a chemical reaction between the soy and FO after it has been burned (heated for a above a certain temp and for a long period of time). It must be similiar to how certain fragrances will discolor lotions and soaps...except it is not being burned. I think they have something for that though to help -- with lotions and soap.


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