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Signature Product Protection


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When someone approaches your business to design a product for their business, what measures do you take to protect yourself from that business taking your design ideas and using another company to actually make the product?

I think I was just unknowingly a design consultant for a product that could potentially make quite a bit of $.

I would like to protect myself from this happening again. Has anyone here drawn up forms to sign about this when discussing the creation of prototype samples of signature products?

I'm thinking the forms would be some type of agreement that states the samples I create are for our mutual business promotion, and will not be taken to an outside source for duplication and production.

Anyone else do this? I'm so naive, I never thought I'd have to do this.

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I'm not sure and you should probably consult a lawyer about that ... but I'm thinking the only way you can truly protect a product you design and create is if you can patent it. Copyrights and trademarks will protect you to a small degree but unless you are willing to keep an attorney on retainer and go after every person who violates the copyright or trademark then there's really no sense in getting them .... other than to keep some people from messing with your product. Yankee's "tart" is a perfect example. They have the word trademarked .... but that hasn't stopped people from using it.

Good luck !

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