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D & G Light Blue for Men and Women


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I saw some old posts for the men's and women's dupes of this scent, but wanted to throw it out there again to see if anyone has a favorite dupe of either of these. I know Daystar carries the Soap Silly version, but had read it was weak, although a dead-on dupe. I also noticed NG has a dupe. Who do you recommend for the men's and women's versions and in what application (soap, candles, other B&B, etc.)? Thanks a bunch!

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I've been wearing Light Blue (women's) for years. I don't agree with NG's smelling like the real thing, their version is a beautiful fragrance, and works great for lotions and other things (I rename) but I was so disappointed to buy the first sample and it wasn't even close to it. Even some of the reviews say the same on the NG site, but I was hopeful.

I'm happy to report though I've found the one!!!

Daystar's Light Blue Sky, is an exact dupe in the most perfect way. I cannot wait to make perfume out of this and see how it reacts. I get the most complements of DG's Light Blue over any fragrance I wear so I'm thrilled to get the Daystar version which I almost cried over when I smelled it. It's that close.

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I have the D&G Light Blue for Women from Save On Scents, in the Extreme grade, and it's STRONG. I think it smells better than the original. It kicks butt in lotions, scrubs, perfume oil, cyclomethicone, and alcohol based perfume.

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