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Tips on selling soap logs


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I've been approached with this idea. I like it in some ways and not in others. What I don't like it is how long it will take to have the product get in to the buyers hands. By the previous posts on the topic, most people cure them around 2 months before they let the buyer have them. That is a long time to sit on product. And storing them for that long while they cure is another issue. Any one have feedback for this? Do you keep loafs on hand curing, or are they made to order and the buyer waits.

I also don't like how most soaps smell when you freshly cut them. Especially most essential oils don't smell very nice right away.

In some of the other posts on the topic, people are saying to use a softer recipe so they can be cut easier later on. To me that would make it even less cured when the buyer gets it.

I'd really love to hear some input and tips from anyone who sells soap this way. I feel kind of lame not knowing this stuff but it is new territory for me.


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I only make HP or Milled soap Logs (for this purpose), so that the soap may need time to cure to get more solid, but not nearly as much CP would need.

Generally if a customer is buying a loaf, its because they are a regular customer. I have one that buys a loaf of oatmeal milled soap, unscented, about 3 times a year. She keeps most for herself but gives some as gifts. For her, shes buying "a loaf" but I cut it into bars and it gets 4 weeks cure before shipping. I always offer to cut it for customers, almost always they take me up on that.

What I started doing in the past few years was making two loaves of any soap I'm pouring. One for cutting and selling online and at market, another for setting aside and offering up as a loaf at a later date, or for cutting and selling if the first sells out quickly.

Its honestly not a huge seller for me.. even though I've offered it up for a long time.. but repeat customers sometimes will ask for one. Rule of thumb is they know they will wait 4 weeks for it.

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