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help...what is this?


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the recipe for the batch is:

Oil base: 3.5lbs -1.5lbs sunflower, 1lbs of palm & 1lbs of coconut

Dry Lye: 0.5lbs

H20: 1.25lbs

alkanet powder: 0.18 ozwt (used for steeping)


lavender 40/42 EO: 1.06 ozwt

goat milk powder: 0.18 ozwt

apricot kernel meal: .018 ozwt

quick oats ground: .35 ozwt


super fat:

sweet almond oil: .05 ozwt

jojoba oil: .05 ozwt

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Wow! You've made a Palm soap. J/K I don't know what caused it but I love it!

Sometimes I'll measure and mix up a few batches at a time (masterbatching) if I know I'm going to be soaping. I just mix or shake before measuring out for each batch. If I don't warm the oils just a minute before mixing I can get strange things happening from the soap being too cold. Other times I like to blame the FO.

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