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Final melt point - How to calculate?

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Anyone know how to calculate a final melt point for a product?

Lets say I use (Farenheit):

16 oz 128 MP wax

16 oz 124 MP wax

3 oz ? FO (probably melts at 0 F)

5 drops liquid dye (probably 0 F MP)

Should I consider the dye deminimus? I think so.

So in this scenario:



3 x 0= 0


4058/35(ounces)= MP of 115.94

I wish I knew the actual MP of FO. I would consider it the same as the freeze point.

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Oh, and how to calculate vybar? seems a little scoop of that tends to really change how a wick works and I think it raises the MP pretty high in ways that are not proportionate to its use.

Please don't tell me that the empirical method is the only way.

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You can't predict the melting point that way. You would have to test the resulting composition to determine its melting point.

The types of compositions candlemakers often work with don't have melting points in the same sense that water does. The only useful number you can get for them is called the "drop melting point" (or in the case of fats like soy wax, the "Mettler dropping point") but you need special equipment to determine that.

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