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Need EO help please!


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Ok, so I want to make 3 batches of soap, I want a feminie relaxing soap, a masculine soap, and a fun kids soap... I thought these combos seemed to fit the bill, but they may not work with soaping (CP method).

Batch 1(Relaxing): 1 part Lavender, 2 parts Rosewood and 1 part Vanilla

Batch 2 (Masculine): 1.5 parts Sandalwood, .5 part Tea Tree and 2 parts Patchouli

Batch 3(Kids): 1 part Lemon eucalyptus,1 part Mandarin, and 2 parts Vanilla

I hear vanilla turns brown, is there another EO that gives a similar scent without browning?

Thanks in advance!

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I have never found a vanilla EO, but there are vanilla stabilizers that can be added to help lessen the discoloration in the FOs. I also use it in my Lilac which tends to yellow with age (I make m/p).

My most successful soap for my guy market using EOs only is Bay Lime. I'm not much of a Patchouli fan but my daughter sells a ton of it for me.

Your fragrance recipes sound really yummy!

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