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Cure time for 464

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I am working with 464 right now and while I am still a newbie at this I would say that cure time does not affect wick burn and the scent throw in 48 hr cured 464 seems pretty darn good to me. Check out my 464 testing thread for me details. As of today I am leaning towards the CD wicks but I am not tried ECOs.

Good Luck

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It depends on the fragrance. Some are pretty good to go almost immediately. Others 48 hours is fine. Others I've found a good long cure MAJORLY improves. Sweet pea for example. Quite weak after only 48 hours. After a week, the throw is much better. After two weeks, even better.

Of course lots of factors come in, from your jar size to your wick to additives.. but I do think cure is important with soy for the throw.

For the BURN? no. It'll burn how it burns.

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I agree it depends on the fo but I have found, like luminous mentioned, the longer it cures the better it gets! I use cd wicks. I do not like eco's. I started with eco's and it just did not work out for me.

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