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First burn test

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So here is what I am using:

Peaks container wax 4630

8 oz tin (about 3" diameter)

Zinc core wick 6" 51-32-18z

I melted a pound of wax and added 1 dye chip and 1 oz of FO

Trimmed wick to 1/4 before burning and at first I was getting mushrooms.

Today on second test burn theres no mushrooms but the meltpool is not anywhere near where it should be. The depth of the tunnel is more than 1/2"

wick too large for this type of container? (this is my first attempt at candles after a few years of not making any) I've done a lot of searching on the topic of melt pools but I figured I would see if anyone has any advice. Thanks for any input you might be able to give :cheesy2:


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