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BC Wick Stickums disintegrating?

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I have been using Bittercreek's wick stickums and have noticed that by the time the candle is finished burning, the stickum has disintegrated. Totally gone, like it burned away with the last vestiges of wax. Anyone else have this happen?

I'm also using stickums from Candlemaker's store but I am not convinced these stay put all the time. At least it's still there at the end of the candle, whether it's in the right place or not... that's another story! :)

Heard some advice on 3M heavy duty mounting. Maybe this is next for me?

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The stickums at CS are BC stickums. CS must buy from them wholesale, because they would not be allowed to call them stickums since it is TM.

I have used CMS and they have worked great. Never any problem with adhesion.

Call BC and let them know. Awhile back they stickums had a problem sticking when wax was added. They would float. I called them and I think others did. It ended up they were pulled for awhile do to a glue issue with the manufacturer.

If you don't tell them, they will never know and be able to fix the issue!! Could be another manufacure problem.

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I have never tested ANY "stickum" type product (3M or otherwise) that always holds up to the heat at the end of a container. That's why I don't use them. I use Permatex High-Temp Silicon Gasket sealer. It doesn't soften or release and is rated for temps up to 650°F.

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I found the stickums I bought are tough to remove after the burn. Even when reusing the jar for testing purposes, I have a bit of work to do to get the stuff off the container.

I have a bunch of glue dots to get rid of. Not one of them ever stuck after I poured the wax.

Stella, if that gasket sealer doesn't work, you can drill holes in the metal tab and glass container and use moly rivets with a rivet gun and dye. If you don't like pneumatics, cherry max makes a good rivet that pulls tight. It won't leak if you drill the correct size and it will only come apart with a high speed titanium/diamond drill bit. Ok, just kidding. (going back to my FO ice cubes now)

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Stella, is the silicon removable once the candle is finished?

Yes, but it isn't easy. When testing, I use hot glue so I can easily reuse the testing container. For saleable products, I use the Permatex. I do not recommend that customers try to remove the wicktab. I suggest they recycle the glass container. The wick tab will release when the jar goes through the crusher. Most glassware these days is made from a large amount of recycled glass, which is one of the wonderful things about glass - it can be remanufactured over and over and over again without having to use new raw materials.

EricofAZ, I have tested many candles and many adhesive products for many years. I know of only one product thus far that has never failed by softening or losing its adhesion. This has been discussed repeatedly in other threads. People are going to do what they want to do. I choose to err on the side of safety and encourage everyone to do the same. You can call it overkill and make amusing remarks if you like. I take candlemaking seriously and never want one of my candles to damage a customer's property or cause a fire which could have been prevented if I had gone the extra mile.

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