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Best way to heat water phase for lotion?


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I am starting to make my own lotion. I really like what I have made so far. The only problem has been getting the water phase up to 176. It took almost 2 hours to get the water phase up to temp. :angry2: I am using a double boiler method - the water stuff is in a bucket in a stock pot. I have my gas stove at about a medium flame. I am making goats milk lotion and am scared of scorching the milk. Please help me - this is not very efficient. Also what is the largest size batch of lotion you make?



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I use a very thick bottomed expensive (to me anyway) stock pot and I put it directly on the hot plate. I do not turn the hot plate on high. I start lower and turn it up as I go but never all the way. Still takes awhile to get the temp up but I can do it without scorching the liquid and I also use goat milk.

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