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Church Fundraiser


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I have been asked for a price quote for a church fundraiser. As I have not done fundraisers before, I have a couple questions for those who have.

Do you usually do the sorting and packaging of candles before delivery? Or do you not include the packaging and let the fundraiser organizer do the sorting and boxing of candles?

If you do the sorting and packaging how much do you charge for that service?

I have my pricing set for 6 oz candles (tins & oval hex) or 8 oz candles (tins & oval hex) (they choose either one) and I'm giving them a list of scents and they can choose 4 scents to sell. I'm giving them a 40% discount off my retail prices and if they sell more than 12 cases of made candles, it's a 50% discount off the retail price. I'm still making a nice profit for myself and the church can make a good profit on their sales.

Thanks! :)

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This is how I do mine and have not had any complaints or issues. I box up the candles and write on the outside with a sharpie what the candle(s) are in each box and the quantity of each scent. I give them extra boxes and the person who's in charge of the fundraiser goes through them and packs them by order. It works for me and most people are going to go through the boxes anyway after they get them to double check the numbers are right, to sniff or whatever other reason they may have. Also when I do the fundraisers, I give them a master copy that they return to me with payment so I only have a total number of each scent ordered. They keep the order forms, so there's no worrying about me sitting it somewhere and forgetting where I put it. I guess you need to ask yourself if you want the forms back and then return them with the orders or if you don't want the worry of keeping up with them. If I got the forms back I'd probably pack them myself at no extra charge, but, like I said I don't want to accidentally misplace them and be up a creek without my paddle. lol

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We do a lot of church Fundraisers. We let them (ind sellers) order from Brochures we print. They (church)are responsible for checking each brochure to make sure they have collected the correct amount of $. They (church) give us the brochures and a check for cost of candles. We do a spreadsheet and pour exactly what is ordered. We pack by brochure and tape up box, including brochure. We give them (church) copy of spreadsheet. Their profit is 45%. We offer 6 oz tins in about 12 scents. Works great! Carole

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