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I've been reading past posts until I'm now cross-eyed. I just want to make sure that... TN 70/30 is 70% pariffin and 30% soy. I bought a slab of it to try, thinking it was the opposite and noticed it appeared to be much more pariffin-like that soy. AM I CORRECT? It's good for the small 4 oz. hex's though, want my bigger candles to be more soy....back to my own blend

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Hmmmm....I ordered it over the phone not the website and as we were hanging up, I remembered I wanted to try some. Instead of researching it there, I looked thru everything here. It just looks to me after burning like more pariffin than soy. I'm a little nuts here right now, so maybe that's just the problem.


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I've been using that wax for years now. It is made by Clarus and is 70 per cent soy. It is a very dependable wax and needs little time to cure if any. I use cd wicks and pour at 185 to 190 degrees into warmed jars and then cover for a slow cooling period. It has great ct/ht and burns cleanly. I don't know what I will do if they stop selling it, as there are no other suppliers available. I have never had a complaint on this wax. Good stuff.


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A while back I emailed Clarus regarding their 3022 wax as I wanted to know if it was the same that GreenLeaf use to sell as GL70/30 because I have a slab of that on hand. This is the reply that I got:

Thank you for contacting Clarus. Yes our 3022 is a wax that Greeleaf used

to market. We warehouse all of our candle products in Dallas (Texas Star

Warehouse). We do sell to the public and you are free to pick your products

directly from the warehouse to avoid shipping costs. We typically sell by

the pallet (2000+ pounds) - but we do offer the product in less than pallet

quantities. The smallest quantity we can offer for sale is one case (60ish

pounds). Pricing for all of our products is done by the pound. Case price

for 3022 is $1.55 per pound. Please let me know if you have any questions

or if I can be of further assistance. Thank you again for contacting

Clarus. HTH

So I don't know where you live WillowBoo but it might be something to look into. Of course I don't know what their shipping costs are as I only live about 35 minutes from their warehouse.:yay: I inherited this slab of GL70/30 but haven't tried it yet, although I've heard good things about it. I've been working with 6006 right now trying to concur that:smiley2:

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Well that is something I will look into for sure, thanks! I have used the 6006 too, I mix it with some other things for my smaller jars.

It is a good wax too, I just found it sooted for me a bit more than I liked. But, it makes a nice candle!

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