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Easter Bunny


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That is so cute Deanna. Where did you find the bunny figure to paint?

My daughter was off of work almost 4 weeks after surgery and I took her to Michael's because she was bored beyond stiff...lol. She was planning to buy some ceramic Easter things and paint them. Michael's had 0. I asked one of the woman working there and she said they don't carry them anymore because it was a fad for a while but now the stuff doesn't sell.

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Hey Maggie, oriental trading co has ceramic eggs for painting, they have whole eggs, piggy bank eggs and cracked egg planters all ceramic ready to be painted

Thanks DeAnna...I will check there and tell my daughter. She ended up buying a few already made Easter decorations that day at Michael's. She DID find a small pack of fridge magnets...actually for kids to paint...so she bought those too. She is not...and has never been...a crafty/sewing/anything that uses a needle type person.

Off topic but...about 10 years ago she wanted me to teach her how to sew. We bought fabrics and EASY patterns to make her daughter sun dresses for school...1st grade. She came over on a Saturday and we started...actually I started. lol She cut out 2 pattern pieces and that was the end for her. Still have the fabrics and the patterns. She gets "brainstorms" and then never follows through.

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