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Dont Shoot!


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Hello and GM! Im a newbie but wont bite so dont shoot! Ok...so....as like many I have ventured over from Candles to Soap....I stayed far away from trying different things but my curiosity got me!!

I ordered a Soap Kit from Natures Garden....coarse I had no clue which soap to get ...ended up getting Goats Milk.

After my photo adventure this morning and viewing everyones fine BEAUTIFUL soap...compared to my "Hotel" looking soap (lol) I am in ...awwww.....

I def want to roll with the big soap makers! I def want only the best outcome for customers therefore I def need INSIDE help.

After I sampled my own product I felt the soap was real slick and dried my hands immediately....dove straight for lotion. I odnt know if its because Im use to body wash and liquid soap but I definately didnt want to touch it again. The kids enjoyed it in the tub tho :)

Whats the best, lathering...bubbly...scent holding soap? I am thinking about ordering Shea Butter.....any thoughts?

Ive seen some Loaf pics...aww so cute! and I love the blocks of soap that have like a "jagged" end...I am taking it you get that from the loaf top? ughghghgg super excited to learn it all....

WHOS IN IT WITH ME hehe :yay:

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So, I too, am new to melt and pour so I don't have a lot of advice at this point. Other than read, read, read....research, research, research. Look into additives you might add to your base to make it better (if you're willing.)

I make Cold Process soap, and it's always been really moisturizing (not drying), but am just now getting into MP myself. The first MP I've tried is natural white aka detergent free white from WSP.....so far, it's been hard enough to me, and just a "little" drying, but I haven't started adding ingredients like:

goat's milk, shea butter, etc.

I DID castor oil to one batch to see if I could get better lather and it worked. :) There are quite a few helpful suggestions already on this thread about things to try.

A lot of people recommend SFIC or Stepehnson bases. I'm looking into trying SFIC and EBC next......SFIC has a clear low sweat and a goat's milk that I've seen many people suggest, but you can't buy from them direct without buying 250 lbs, joining a co-op when someone does one again, or finding a reseller of SFIC product. EBC is essentials by catalina. You can buy samples from them and then it comes in 20lb blocks with a much better money "savings" at 40lb blocks.

I prefer "natural" soap bases because I will be selling when I get something down I really like...but that's something else you have to decide and look into too.

I'm sure others will pipe in here too, but I'd definitely do some searches and grab a cup of coffee or tea and spend some time. :)

Now, on another note, DOVE LOTION?! You're killing me! If you ever want to try a GOOD lotion (hee hee), send me a pm. I get rave reviews...even my manly woodworker, jack of all trades, Dad had to quietly pull me aside....."Mom had me try some lotion she had when my hands were cracking and really dry from doing concrete....It was AMAZING...I asked where she got it......and YOU make it? Can I get some for myself with a lighter, more manly scent?":yay:

Just sayin. LOL I wish you much success on the melt and pour adventure!

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Good mornin thanks for the reply :) I def thought about the CP...but then it just seems like to many ingrediants for me...I have 3 children and one on the way so its like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh gotta keep stuff out of reach...my little one already breaks into my candle stuff and gets my tarts walking around smelling them all day lol....

So I thought maybe the MP would work better...I def try to do the research but theres sooo many opinions warnings ingrediants etc etc is like WHICH WAY DO I GO GEORGE WHICH WAY DO I GO.....LOLOLOL

So keep it simple right? I just wanna know which is best shea butter ....cocoa butter mp? Which I guess Ill just have to buy a block of each and try it....

One of my most fav soap pics are the ones that have half oatmeal aww so spa like :) and of coarse all the swirly ones......must do must have.......now days it just seems like ppl head towards the body wash and be done with it.....I def want to do it...I guess I just strive for the GET IT ON THE FIRST TRY motto lol...which I know is sometimes not possible that is why I hoped someone would share some secrets. I dont want to make tons of soap and they not sell.

Hope everyone has a great morning :) tootles:tiptoe:

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Not all M&P bases are the same from one manufacturer to the next. Not only are there a variety of bases like GM, Shea, White, Mango, Soy, etc. there are ones that specialize in being detergent (sulphate) free or 'natural'.

A little bit of moisturizing oils or butters in your M&P will help with the drying feeling. Here is a M&P recipe thread I started with some tips for making a moisturizing bar of soap:


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I know what you mean, VirginiaStreet. I actually wasn't promoting for you to do CP...I was talking about adding additives to your MP and what Candybee said is the consensus. Different people like different things. Different people find different things moisturizing. Different people like different bases. LOL

You get the point. Congrats on the little one. I'm a "single mom aunt" to my 12 year old nephew...and part-time "mom aunt" to my two 17 yr old nieces. I'm only 32, by the way. LOL Plus, I work full-time and am slowly working on growing my bath and body business "on the side" so I can certainly relate to being busy, not having enough time, etc. I, too, like to "get it right the first time," but that usually doesn't happen with bath and body. LOL

I mean, to be honest, I've never really had something "be horrible/or flop," but "perfection" takes time. heh heh

In my cp, I personally always add goat's milk and shea butter and love what they add to my soap so I plan to add these to whatever base I buy and see how each base "accepts them," etc. until I find the perfect "blend" for myself and my customers. :)

Happy Testing!

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I've done more with MP in the past than I'm doing now. These days I've found a few scents that I love too much not to have in soap but they just don't process well, so it's MP or nothing. Another point for the MP side is that it's generally much more accepting of FO's.

That aside, I've bought all the different bases (GM, Shea, Cocoa, White, Clear, etc... etc...) I typically stick with a clear and a white. Both will accept ingredients pretty easily and then I have a more... uhm, plain (for lack of a better term) base to work with. That's my opinion, do with it what you will.

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