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moved to a different storefront,..


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I thought I would share with some of you alittle about me and my storefront that I just moved into, we had one in a strip mall but it was $500 a month and now I have this one thats downtown and $250 a month for rent.

This is one side with the door to the storage room, the store room is actually another building connected to mine but it has no heat,....


The front of the store,..


And my messy work area,...


M&P I made today, scented w/Lemongrass..


And this is me and my first and only grandbaby at the moment, her name is Kylee and she just turned 1.

9qe9hh_th.jpg w1w5qt_th.jpg

Anyone else want to share pics of their store or work area?? I love seeing shops or work areas.

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Your store looks nice! I love pink... I would share but I don't have a store front, just work out of my kitchen :smiley2:. Your grandson is adorable!

I'm sorry.. I read granddaughter but wrote grandson thinking about my son. :embarasse Your "granddaughter" is adorable.

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