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fragrance loads

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I think I have it all figured out when I make candles as far as the wick size. I am having some problems with maple butter. I love the scent. What I am saying is that I have went up 3 wick sizes and still not getting a good burn. I am using the square braided wick and the eight once jar. Is there anyone else using this scent that can tell me what wick to use and the fact that maybe it is the soy wax I am using. Please help.

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I think I have it all figured out when I make candles as far as the wick size

:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:Sorry - I know you must be new.

First, what soy wax are you using? There are several styles of 8 oz. containers - what are the dimensions on YOUR jar (diameter x height)? Maple Butter may be sold by suppliers - which one are you using? How much FO are you using?

I am using the square braided wick

What sizes have you tried? There are many factors that contribute to wicking issues. Without all the details, anything I might say is only a guess.

There is a veggie wax area here where you can get more information about veggie wax issues...

Please include the details when you have time and we'll try to help. :)

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The type of wax I am using is EcoSoya CB-135. The container is a 8 once mason jar and the fragrance and wick both came from candle wic. I would sure be thankful for any advice on the maple butter smell. I use 1/2 ounce per pound of wax.

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forgot to say how much smell I am using.
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8 once mason jar
I understood that from your original p[ost, but which 8 oz. mason? The ones I use are 3" across. Are yours that same size? It matters when wicking. :confused:
wick ... from candle wic.
Yes, I understood that you were using square braid, but what size? CW carries many sizes of wicking...That matters. :confused:
1/2 ounce per pound
I would suggest raising the FO load to 1 ounce per pound also.

Sorry - I still can't give any wicking recommendations without knowing the diameter of the jar and the size of the wick you are using. :undecided

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Well, not to rain on your parade, but I think you can raise your FO to the point where you are adding just a pinch of CB135 to your FO and still be disappointed. I've learned the hard way that CB135 is a real scent killer. Go check out the veggie board and look at C3 or 464, etc.

Seriously, 3 percent FO in CB 135 won't throw unless you have some wicked wild FO that we would all love to hear about.

This is my humble opinion.

However, is there anyone here that can look me straight in the monitor and tell me they have good HT in CB135 with 3% FO and sleep well at night after doing so?

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I have tried the WR2000 it works good with my blueberry smell. I get some of the smells from Lone Star candle company. I have also tried the WR2001 still not the results I feel good with. I have never had this many problems with a certain smell. I am really wondering if any one else has had this problem with maple butter. 1/2 pint mason jars the top is appr. 2 1/2 inches wide.

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