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OBI Safety

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In the past 3 days we have had customers having issues with OBI warmers.

The tart warmer stopped working. Carl is an electrician so he took it apart to see what was up. He found that had gotten so hot in the dimmer switch area it had burnt off part of a component.. was very much a fire hazard as it had turned part of the cord black.

Today my daughter called and told me that the OBI plug-in when she went to unplug it to see why the light was not working sparked and fell apart in her hand.

I am a bit freaked out. I have sold a lot of OBI warmers since we opened. Going to send an email and a pic of the one we have here that got hot to OBI.

Anyone else have any complaints??

Also, does anyone have any other places to purchase the glass style light up warmers other than OBI?

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I have 3 defective plug in warmers. One got so hot it melted the clear rubber gasket that the bowl sits on. The other two came with broken tabs. I contacted OBI and their return policy is 10 days for defective merchandise. I've had no problems with the combo warmers.

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Have y'all made a complaint to the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

Here's the link to their reporting page/info:


You can also search for recalls here (for various products) to see if a complaint has been made:


Here's one from 2008, for example:


Here's another more recent one from November 2010...


THANKS for reporting this to us!

Also, does anyone have any other places to purchase the glass style light up warmers other than OBI?
I think these folks sell wholesale but do not know if their warmers are manufactured by the same company as those sold by OBI...


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Might be worth while to send the data and info to OBI and your State Attorney General and suggest a recall. Let OBI take the hit. You can warn your customers, as any good vendor should, but let OBI soak up the cost of replacement and be sure to put them on notice that there is a hazard. Keep a paper trail so that if something does go wrong, you are sure to show that you warned and reported.

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