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How was your Market or show this week?

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My Farmers market was a little slow the past 2 weeks. Not as big of a crowd and the weather was perfect! Sales were down about 10%. I know it is vacation time for a lot of people and also school things need to be bought. Maybe their gardens are doing well so no need to come down. But in the past few years there was a slump during the 1st 2 weeks in Aug. The Store has been a little busier than normal though :yay:. I guess I shouldn't complain!

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This past weekend was okay. I made a few bucks more than I was expecting and the weather was not too hot.

This weekend is a payday weekend so I'm hoping to make better money.

I'm surprised at how much my candles are moving. Still got a few cases of spring/summer candles to sell off so I can bring in my fall line next month. So I have been selling them at half price and thats been helping me sell off stock.

Of course soap is moving alot as usual and each weekend I sell out of OMH, Honeysuckle Jasmine, and Tuberose & Jasmine.

Lip balms and lotion not so much right now. Those will sell more in the cooler, dryer weather.

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