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Coty's Musk Oil


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Does anyone know of a fragrance oil that smells like Coty's Musk Oil that came in a small brown bottle? Back in high school (oh sooo many years ago!) it was all the rage. I loved the light scent and how it lingered. Tried so many different musks but nothing comes close. This one was light and not "woodsy". Maybe it was just too long ago, hahah.:)

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Are you talking about Jovan Musk by Coty? If so, Natures Garden Candles has it...

In high school I loved exclamation pink (I think that was what it was called ). Sure wish I could find it, lol.

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It's not the Jovan. I like that one too but this one is called Coty's Wild Musk Oil and comes in I believe .5 oz amber bottle. Amazon has it but some say it's been changed. I want to try and make some by getting the fragrance oil but to date no luck. Thanks for the input. I love this site!

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