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Problems keeping two pieced candles together

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It's been a while since I have visited. I am not making candles much anymore but I have a customer of mine that is having a problem and I thought this was the perfect place to ask for help.

She asked me to make her a two piece mold. One mold an ice cream scoop and another mold a cone. I made several different styles of scoops and the idea was that she could change up the look of her cones without having to purchase a large, split one piece mold, or several molds.

Her problem is that she can't figure out a way to keep the candle together.

She wicks the entire candle but she can't get the wax to adhere to keep each candle piece together. Her candles are not sturdy nor easy to ship. They keep coming apart.

When I made candles I worked with mainly tarts and containers and don't have any experience with free standing "pillar" type candles.

If anyone has any ideas, Dixie and I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!


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She's gonna have to heat up both pieces to make them stick the best. Or, she could melt a small amount of her regular pillar wax or some tacky wax to put between the pieces to kind of glue them together. Either way would be about the easiest, but not guaranteed to take much of a beating before they would separate again.

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