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Multi-layered Woods scent?

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I think Moonworks has a lot of fragrances that fall into the complex and woodsy category. I've tested Thieves and Merlin's Forest - both are great and seem to me to be what you are describing. Oh and also Autumn Embers - it smells faintly fireplace-y but has pine and twig smells in there if that helps. :)

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candle cocoon has Fallen Leaves which smells amazing and just like leaves in the fall but not burning leaves. Maybe you could try it and mix it with a hint of a campfire type scent or an earthy scent a mentioned above?

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Moon Works

Autumn Embers

Just as the name implies this fragrance is warm and smoky. Imagine sitting by a winter hearth with crackling pine, evergreen twigs and warm spices like cinnamon bark and clove buds. All snuggled seamlessly in a base of robust patchouli leaf with an ever so slight hint of citrus peel.

Celtic Myst

Are you looking for a beautiful grown up fragrance that rocks in CP soap, bath & body items and soy candles? Look no further!

This fragrance has a warm blend of precious woods, spices and resins then enchanced with a splash of mandarin, musk and cashmere vanilla. If you adore the exotics - such as teak, sandalwood, frankincense and amber then this fragrance is for you. A mysterious and beautiful fragrance.

Earthen Oak

Bourbon vanilla liquor aged in an old oak barrel, embodied by cedarwood and patchouli, softened by amber and a touch of sandalwood. The resulting fragrance is an earthy vanilla with a hint of musk

Witche's Brew

A bewitching combination of sweet dark spices tossed generously with intoxicating violets and lots of earthy dark patchouli. Add to the pot a pinch of resinous cedarwood entangled in a web of fiery cinnamon and sweet clove. A lusty, robust fragrance with gypsy appeal!

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I'd say Witches Brew would be a great pick from MW. Merlin's doesn't remind me much of woodsy. More of a forest/foliage with a powder note to it (to me.)

BUT, don't pass on her patch I suppose ... though she's OOS.

A fantastic woodsy scent is Woodland Wreath from TCS.

It isn't overly woodsy, but add the dried apple wreath too lol.

Find a good oakmoss fragrance too. Southern Soapers used to carry a blend called Stonehenge, but I don't know that she has that anymore. Oakmoss is rich and earthy IMO and yet inviting.

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